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TAke your




to the 

next level

construction cleaning

From hauling away debris to putting the finishing touches on your project, our experienced teams of cleaning professionals will help to take your Construction Project to the next level of building excellence.


We are truly the Green Cleaning Experts.  We took away the harsh chemicals and added the latest and the greatest advances in cleaning technologies to bring you the best and most effective cleaning solutions.


Our floor-to-ceiling cleaning processes, specifically designed for the Construction Industry, not only rids your surfaces of debris, dust, dirt, and grime; We clean your indoor air, and eradicate any hazardous materials, bacteria, and viruses!  


Our patented Green MaxShield Technology meets and exceeds all safety standards.  We eliminate 99.99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses, like MRSA, H1N1, and the Common Cold on surfaces and in the air.  Providing both your workers and your end-client with an industry-leading healthy sparkling clean environment.


As always, a FREE Allergy Cleaning is included with every cleaning service; and because we know that, like us, your company cares about the communities that surround us with every cleaning service a donation is made to the charity of your choice.


So what are you waiting for.  Call Pure Green Clean today to get your Free Professional Cleaning Estimate.